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There is a varied nightlife in Athens. Millions of tourists of all ages enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the city. Nightlife in Athens does not kick off till around midnight. There are plenty of places, venues to choose from, satisfying a wide range of tastes including bars, clubs, restaurants. In many kafeneons, bars and ouzeries you will find live music at night or sometimes during the day too. You can enjoy an evening in the theater, classical concert or a ballet in an open air amphitheaters. You also can enjoy typical Greek music and can dance to it till late night.

Crowded by people of all ages, Folie is one of the most popular clubs in Athens. The place generally plays a mixture of songs on Saturdays, songs from the sixties on Sundays, reggae on Mondays, Latin on Tuesdays, Samba on Wednesdays, hip hop on Thursdays, and funk on Friday. Open till late nights, Folie also arranges live Brazilian musicians nights sometimes.

Address: Eslin 2, Athina 115 23, Greece

A well-known relaxing café in Athens. The place serves ice-cold coffee, sandwiches, and desserts during the day and by evening it turns itself into one of the city’s hottest clubs playing hip-hop and rock.

Address: Skouleniou 2B, Athina 105 61, Greece
+ Soda

One of the famous dance clubs in Athens, Plus Soda is completely filled with youngsters enjoying themselves on the heavy techno music being played.

Address: 161 Ermou St, Athens, Greece
Wild Rose

Wild Rose is popular for dancing and drinking in Athens. There is live music organized for the crowd every Tuesday in addition to the music from the ’80s played every Wednesday. Thursdays are observed as "Girl Power" night letting the women drink according to their choice.

Address: 10 Panepistimiou St, Athens, Greece

Dancing Clubs

The Club Venue

The club Venue is a three storey building located at Pireos street. The place is well known for organizing parties with celebrity DJs every Saturday.

Address: 130 Pireos street, Athens, Greece
Plus-X Club

Situated in Kolonaki, Plus-X Club is a two-level complex playing rock and live DJ music.

Address: 37 Patraiarhou Ioakeim, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece
Salon Fashion Club

Salon Fashion Club is a stylish club located at the Athens Tower. The place is popular for its dancing parties arranged every Wednesday.

Address: Ampelokipoi, 5 gelou Pyri street, Athens, Greece
Imperia Ice Club

Located inside The Fresh Hotel at the Sofokleous street, The Imperia Ice Club is a unique club made from ice. The place is decorated with an icy environment and serves ice cocktails.

Address: Sofokleous street 26, Athens, Greece
La Villa Vice

A multistage complex equipped with a bar and restaurant, La Villa Vice is located at Psyri. The place also arranges fashion shows, live music, and DJ parties.

Address: 13 Mykonou and Aesopou street Psyrri, Athens, Greece

Live Music


Music played: live Bouzouki music

Address: 201 Sygrou Avenue, Athens, Greece
Alli Fasi

Music played: live Bouzouki music

Address: 121 Konstantinoupoleos street, Athens, Greece
Ennea Ogdoa

Music played: live Greek music

Address: 40 Alexandras Avenue, Athens, Greece.
7 Times Dance Club & Shisha Lounge

Address: Miaouli 13, Athina 105 54, Greece
ToyRoom Athens

Address: 10, Omonoia, Athina 105 64, Greece
Lohan Athens Nightclub

Address: 30, Iera Odos 32, Athina 104 35, Greece