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Athens is the financial capital of Greece. The three main sectors contributing to the Athens economy are services, industries, and agriculture. From the 19th century, tourism and shipping are also contributing to the economy of Athens. Athens produced around US$130bn as GDP in PPP, i.e. almost half of the production of Greece in 2014.

In south-eastern Europe, Athens is listed as one of the major economic centres. Expansion of trams and metros in Athens, developments in Piraeus port, cargo centre in Thriasion and other economic projects are primary contributors to economic growth.

The manufacturing sector also lends a helping hand in improving the economy of Athens. Companies like Hellenic Aerospace, Hellas Sat, Titan Cement, Folli Follie, COSCO etc., have their headquarters in the city. Many multinational companies like Sony, Siemens, Samsung, Microsoft etc., have their R&D centres in Athens.

In 2017, Greece's economy was severely hit by the recession. Tourism is a major contributor to the economy of Athens. In 2018 the country attracted over 33 million visitors from around the world. And Athens served over 5 million visitors in 2018.