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The total contribution for the economy of Athens has been distributed among the three main sectors, services, industries, and agriculture. These three sectors contribute fairly to enhancing the economy of the city. The government of Greece is the major source of employment for the people living in Athens and Greece.

From the 19th century, tourism and shipping became the main assets for Athens. The city became famous for its ancient monuments and rich history. The cruise ship industry is headquartered in Athens and Greece has got the biggest flotilla of commercial vessels in Europe. Piraeus and Athens are the main centers for the import and export of Greek goods and foreign items.

Manufacturing sector also lends a helping hand in improving the economy of Athens. The city serves as a headquarter for Chemicals, petrochemical products, machinery, transport equipment, glassware, cement textiles, soap, food, flour, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, pottery, leather goods, and paper products industries along with the printing and publishing industries.

Furthermore, the city has got a large number of well-established technology and research centers in addition to good educational institutions.