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One of the oldest and largest cities of Greece, Athens, rules over the Attica periphery as the capital of Greece. The city spreads itself across 2928 square kilometers of land and is the main center of economic, political, industrial, financial and cultural center of Greece.

Well known as the cradle of western civilization, the city is the birthplace of Sophocles, Pericles, Socrates and many other prominent philosophers, politicians and writers. Athens is the hub of philosophy, learning and arts. It is also the habitat of Aristotle’s Lyceum and Plato’s Academy.
The city, in its classical era, has boomed the most important civilizations of the ancient world. Its rich history makes it one of the famous tourist destinations. Tourists not only adore the well-off culture and heritage, but also enjoy the dining, shopping and nightlife of the city.

Area38.964 km² (15 sq mi)
Time ZoneEET/EEST (UTC+2/3)
Official languageGreek