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The city, in its classical era, has boomed the most important civilizations of the ancient world. Its rich history makes it one of the famous tourist destinations. Tourists not only adore the well-off culture and heritage, but also enjoy the dining, shopping and nightlife of the city.
Acropolis (Akropolis)

The most popular place in Athens, Acropolis is a big hill lying in the center of the city. Laurelled by sacred marble temples of the city’s goddess Athena, the place consists of a huddle of the ancient ruins. Many local residents and tourists love to stroll around the Acropolis.

Address: Dionysiou Areopagitou Street Athens 105 58 Greece

These ruins, located in the core of modern Athens and below the, were once the marketplace in ancient times, an economic, political, and cultural center of Athens. Tourists enjoy seeing and learning about the ruins here.

Address: Northwest of the Acropolis base Athens 999 20 Greece.
National Archaeological Museum (Ethniko Archaiologiko Museo)

National Archaeological Museum is the biggest museum in Athens. Frequently crowded, the place has got a beautiful collection of the art of the Minoans and the treasures from Mycenae revealed by Heinrich Schliemann.

Address: 28is Oktovriou 44, Athina 106 82, Greece

An independent and immense industrial municipality, Piraeus was the port of Ancient Athens. Local residents and tourists come to the place to get ferries going to the outer islands to enjoy seafood in the country.


Located at the foot of Acropolis, Plaka is filled with gorgeous historic districts restored in the 19th century with picturesque ruins, pedestrianized streets, non-classical homes, shops, and restaurants from the Roman era of the city. The place is famous as a gathering place for local residents and tourists in the warm evenings in Athens.

Kolonaki Hill

Kolonaki hill is a 984 ft tall hill located in Filikís Eterías Square. The place is also a famous shopping junction hosting a few of the famous designer boutiques of the city.

Address: Filikís Eterías Sq, Athens, Greece.
Lykavittos Hill

Located in Aristippou and Ploutarchou, Lykavittos hill is a popular spot among tourists. Its peak can be accessed through a cable car or by foot. The Lykavittos Theatre and St. George chapel rest on the top.

Address: Aristippou and Ploutarchou, Athens, Greece.
Benaki Museum

Built-in 1930, Benaki museum hosts a beautiful collection of prehistoric and Modern Greek art and artifacts. The place also exhibits a collection of Neolithic and Paleolithic relics along with the artifacts from the Roman and Byzantine Empire.

Address: Koumpari 1, Athina 106 74, Greece
Syntagma Square

In the heart of modern Athens, Syntagma Square is home to the Royal Palace, the Parliament building, and a few of the major banks, airline offices, hotels, and restaurants.

Address: Pl. Sintagmatos, Athina 105 63, Greece