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Because of its rich olden days and influence, Athens bursts with museums and galleries. National Archaeological Museum, The Benaki and Cydlac art museums, the Agora museum, the new Acropolis museum and the Kanellopoulos and Folk Art Museums are a few of the major museums in Athens.
  • National Archaeological Museum
Located near Omonia, the National Archaeological Museum exhibits one of the world’s beautiful Greek art collections. Found in 1889, the place is covered completely with marble flooring. In addition to the Greek art, the National Archaeological museum also hosts a fine collection of different sculptures, statues, weapons, jewelry, vases and religious items from the Neolithic times, the Minoan civilization, the early Cycladic civilization along with the classical, Hellenistic and the Roman period.
Address: 144, Patision Str, Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 210 821 7717
  • Byzantine and Christian Museum
Byzantine and Christian Museum is an underground museum located in Kolonaki. The place houses the traces from the Byzantine Empire. Every room inside the museum depicts a Greek church, representing a specific period from the birth of Christianity to the fall of Constantinople. The place hosts a collection of bibles, mosaics, altars and icons along with the display of the medieval domed church and the early Christian basilica.
Address: 22 Vasilissis Sofias Ave, Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 210 721 1027
  • Museum of Greek Folk Art
Located in Plaka, Museum of Greek Folk Art is a popular museum among the local residents of Athens. The place exhibits a beautiful collection of jewelry, costumes, embroidery, ceramics and other artifacts from Greece. Tourists adore the exhibit of the traditional Greek clothing and the collection of ceramics displayed marvelously on the elegant former mosque. The museum also organizes special educational programs for all age groups.
Address: 17 Kidathineon, Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 210 323 1577
  • Museum of Greek Traditional Instruments
Famous among the tourists, the Museum of Greek Traditional Instruments exhibits around 1200 musical instruments. The place has got a wide collection of almost all the instruments ranging from gypsy flutes to shepards goatskin bagpies, along with tsampouna or Askos, the greek taburas, clarinets, santouris and bouzoki. One can also enjoy hearing these instruments through the headphones kept inside the museum.
Address: 1-3, Diogenous Str, Plaka, Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 210 325 0198
  • Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art
Valued for its extremely fine collection of elegant marble collectibles, Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art is one of the famous museums in Athens. The place exhibits a variety of relics of the Cyladic civilization on its first floor, the miniatures and other artifacts of the same civilization on its second floor, temporary exhibits on the third and a beautiful K. Politis collection of ancient Greek art on its last floor. Furthermore, one can also buy the replicas of the exhibits of the museums at the N. Douka located at the basement of the museum.
Address: 4, Neofytou Douka Str., Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 210 722 6321
  • Benaki Museum
Dwelled in the neo-classical house in Kolonaki, Benaki Museum is one the most popular museums in Athens. There is a wide collection of all the art and artifacts from the 3rd century BC up to the 20the century. There are a lot of rare manuscripts, byzantine icons and different archeological findings in addition to the various works, paintings arts and books from different historic periods of Greece.
Address: 1, Koumbari Str. & Vas. Sofias Avenue, Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 210 367 1000
  • War Museum
Located on Rizari Street, the war museum ascertains the warfare history from the stone axes to the heavy artillery of the ancient Greece. The place also displays collections of Greek army and the artifacts of the Greek war of independence.
Address: 2, Rizari Str, Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 210 725 2974
  • National Gallery of Art
A small museum housing a beautiful collection of Modern Greek and European art. The place exhibits modern paintings by Ghikas on its ground floor and a few works by Primitavist painter Theophilos on its mezzanine.
Address: 50 Vasileos Konstantinou, Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 210 723 5937
  • Museum of the City of Athens
Located inside a neoclassical building constructed in 1833, the Museum of the City of Athens is one of the famous museums in Athens. The place houses a lot of paintings and different artifacts depicting the modern history of Athens.
Address: 7 Paparigopoulou, Klathmonos Square, Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 210 324 6164
  • Numismatic Museum
Exhibiting a beautiful collection of more than 600,000 coins, the Numismatic Museum is one of those five most important numismatic museums in the world. Along with the copins, the museum also houses a collection of different types of precious stones, metals and standard weights ranging from the ancient Greek period to the Modern Greek period.
Address: Koumbari Str. and Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Athens, Greece.
  • Dimitris Pierides Museum of Contemporary Art
Found in 1980, the Dimitris Pierides Museum of Contemporary Art exhibits around thousand paintings, engravings, ceramics and sculptures along with the works from different artists from Greece and Cyprus. Furthermore, the place also has a library of Modern Greek art that provides funding for renowned publications.
Address: 29 Vas. Georgiou A' Avenue, Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 210 898 1729
  • National Historical Museum
Located in the old parliament building, the National Historical Museum is one of the most poplar museums in Athens. The place displays various artifacts from the Greek War of independence. The place also houses the dresses of King Otto and Amalia along with different portraits of the Greek leaders of the revolution.
Address: 13 Stadiou street (in the old Parliament Building), Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 210 323 7617